Empowerment Centre is a spiritually progressive kingdom culture organization designed and equipped to extract the full potential out of each other. ECentre is a place you will be challenged to do the impossible. We are a community oriented family that will celebrate one another‘s  successes and bolster one another in times of challenge.


We endeavor to bring a greater understanding and definition of the church. Most believe that the church is simply a religious organization that is exclusively for the saving of souls (from eternal damnation). However, a careful examination of scriptures specifically the thrust of Jesus‘ message(s), one will see, the Kingdom of God is paramount. The Kingdom of God is a governing mechanism that impacts every sector of life.


We hold fast to the gathering of believers, but we have a greater understanding that our mandate is to transform cites and regions through both spiritual and practical means. We believe in the 5-Fold Ministry and how it‘s displayed within and outside of the four walls of a building.



8 Pillars of Culture










Mission Statement 

We exist to establish an empowered culture and community of Believers that will

transform the world in order to advance the Kingdom of God


Vision Statement

We are becoming an empowered community of Believers excelling in every facet of life

as we advance the Kingdom of God

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Empowerment Centre | 2192 E. 54th Street  Indianapolis, IN 46220 | (317) 762-5464 | eccares@empowermentchurchindy.com